Corporate Catering

MiHa is a Modern Decadent Eatery overlooking the piazza at Melrose Arch. Our restaurant is the coming together of casual café and classic dining and our menu brings together the simple and sumptuous with a variety of internationally inspired dishes – all with our own South African touch.

Whilst we love hosting our corporate clients in our sit-down restaurant, we realise that time pressures and schedules do not always allow for this. We are therefore bringing MiHa to you – whether it be delivering lunch daily for your management team or providing platters for meetings or events.

Our Offering
Corporate Catering

This consists of a variety of platters for approximately 12 people.

All platters are garnished with fresh vegetable crudites and
a selection of dipping sauces.

Platter 1
Chicken King

12 X Chicken Strips
12 X Chick ‘n Cheese Bombs
12 X Mini Toasted Chicken Mayonnaise
12 X Mini Chicken Wraps
12 X Halloumi Fingers

(R112 per head)

Platter 2
Beef Eater

12 X Slider Burgers
12 X Mini Toasted Steak Sandwiches
12 X Steak & Avo Wraps
12 X Halloumi Fingers

R 2064.00
(R172 per head)

Platter 3
Very Veggie

12 X Falafels
12 X Mini Toasted Cheese & Tomato
12 X Falafel Wraps
12 X Potato Samoosas
12 X Halloumi Fingers
12 X Chutneys

R 1272.00
(R106 per head)

Platter 4
Miha Signature Platter

12 X Falafels
12 X Halloumi Fingers
12 X Beef Kebabs
12 X Mini Toasted Steak Specials
12 X Mini Chicken Wraps
12 X Chick ‘n Cheese Bombs
12 X Spicy Asian Prawns
12 X Fuji Rolls

R 2208.00
(R184 per head)

Platter 5
Sinfully Sweet

12 Waffles
12 Flapjacks
24 Drop Doughnuts
12 Signature French Toast

R 1524.00
(R127 per head)

How to Order

Our platters are made for light corporate snacking and serve 12 people.
However should you wish to provide a full lunchtime offering, we recommend you add a selection of individual items (see below).
WhatsApp us with your order. You can either collect or we can deliver directly to your offices (delivery charge calculated based on distance from Melrose Arch).
Sumptuous food service made simple.
To order or for more information WhatsApp 060 748 9464 or email
Looking forward to bringing the tastes and decadence of MiHa

The MiHa Team

Halaal Certified – NIHT