Our Story

Fifteen years ago, something very special happened to us. The Miya and Hassim families became one.
The name MiHa is a celebration of that union.

In some cultures, MiHa is used as a term of endearment for someone who is dear to you. So, we thought it was apt, as our restaurant is very dear to us.
MiHa is the coming together of a casual café and classic dining experience. From a quick grab-and-go to a decadent celebratory feast, MiHa brings together the simple and the sumptuous.

We serve international cuisine and have curated some of the best flavours from around the world but with our own South African touch.
We have not focused on any one specific food type. Rather, we have focused on you, our guest.

Our restaurant concept is designed to give you what you feel like – what food you are in the mood for or whatever your occasion may call for.
Taste and variety designed around you.

Welcome to MiHa. We hope you enjoy your time with us.